Welcome to the website of De Maasduinen National Park

The translation of these pages was made possible through public funding by Provincie Limburg and The European Union.

In De Maasduinen National Park you will find one of the Netherlands longest belt of Eolian or river dunes, formed  by wind, water and the influence of man.

De Maasduinen  National Park is situated in the northeast of Limburg, between the river Maas (in French 'Meuse') and the German border. It is a beautiful area of 4500 ha. with a characteristic wildlife and many rare plants. The various paths and trails will introduce you to the dunes of the Maas, also known as parabolic dunes because of their horseshoe shape. To keep this nature area in top condition, its managers, the Limburgs Landschap Stichting, the city of Bergen, the Forestry Service and private indivduals, all work closely together.

The Nature trials and discovery map are available in the reception locations of the Maasduinen National Park.

These maps will show you where De Maasduinen National Park is situated. If you click on the image, a larger map is available.

How to get there
You can reach the National Park in several ways. Because the park is approximately 25 kilometres long, you will find various car parking facilities along the way. The descriptions below show you to the heart of De Maasduinen where you can find Maasduinen Visitor Centre.

From Nijmegen
Follow the A73 towards Venlo, then take exit Köln/Nieuw-Bergen A77/Gennep/Goch. Follow the A77 towards Heijen/Afferden until exit 2 - Gennep. Take a left turn and follow the N271. You're there: De Maasduinen.

From Venray
Follow the N270 towards Wanssum. You will head straight on, passing several round-abouts and traffic lights. After crossing the Maas bridge, you will reach a roundabout where  both left (direction Arcen) and right (direction Well) will lead you to De Maasduinen National Park. You can choose where you want to start your visit: the road to your right leads you to the Jachthut 'Op den Hamer' reception area and the left road leads to De Maasduinen Visitor Centre and De Zevenboom Activity centre.

From Venlo
Follow the A67 and then take exit Velden. Turn left at the traffic lights and follow the N271 towards Arcen and Velden. Continue on N271. When you've passed Arcen, you will enter De Maasduinen National Park.

By public transport
De Maasduinen National Park is easy accessible by public transport: take bus 83 (Nijmegen-Venlo).